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18 Nov 2014

It is often assumed that grey literature is not peer reviewed or lacks standards of quality and rigour. While this is often incorrect, there is currently no standard way of indicating the kind of review process that has occurred. There are also alternative methods to...

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9 Aug 2013

The prevalence of informal publishing or grey literature in education appears to have increased as digital technologies have become main-stream, educators have become more proficient and policies have moved increasingly towards supporting its use. In addition, the take up of social networking technologies and innovative...



2 Oct 2012

New strategies are needed to avoid losing valuable online content, writes Amanda Lawrence for Australian Policy Online .


Link rot, disappearing documents, vanishing websites and changing content are endemic to the internet creating a digital black hole. This is having a...

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10 Jul 2012

Research reports, or grey literature as they are also known, are an essential part of many disciplines including public policy. While access to these reports has become easier in many respects, online publishing presents many challenges as well, particularly for collecting organisations.

Reports and...

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2 Oct 2010

This paper looks at the role of Australian Policy Online (APO) as a collection of ‘grey’ public policy research and considers how this fits within the broader context of open access publishing and policy development. The amount of grey literature now being produced...

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