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14 Aug 2017

This article briefly discusses the nature and measurement of poverty in developed countries, outlines the main trends in poverty rates in New Zealand over recent decades, comments on why poverty matters, and assesses recent government policy changes



14 Dec 2016

This opinion-piece, from the Professor of Public Policy at Victoria University of Wellington, outlines ways the new Bill English-led Government could assist less well-off families in New Zealand. Considers income and wealth inequality and the need to reform public assistance for families. Refers to the...

Journal article

9 Aug 2016

Contemplates the fundamental components of anticipatory governance - anticipating tomorrow’s problems, protecting the long-term public interest, and endeavouring to ‘future-proof’ the state - as a critical ingredient of good governance. Sets out global risks as assessed by the World Economic Forum in 2015 and five...


19 Nov 2015

This issue of Policy Quarterly traverses a range of contemporary policy issues including the governance of Auckland, climate change, financial incentives to work, the investment approach to funding social assistance, regulatory design and stewardship, water management, special education, the implications of uncertainty for policy practice,...


30 May 2014

Summary: This book focuses on the challenges facing governments and communities in preparing for and responding to major crises — especially the hard to predict yet unavoidable natural disasters ranging from earthquakes and tsunamis to floods and bushfires, as well as pandemics and global...

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