Chris Bonnor

Discussion paper

20 Feb 2018

The evidence presented in this discussion paper suggests that the capacity of our school system to act as catalyst for inclusion, equity and opportunity for Indigenous students is weakening. Rather than being places which bring people and communities together, evidence suggests that schools are yet...


21 Sep 2016

With education ministers meeting this week to discuss school funding, a close look at the figures reveals large differences between states and sectors

IT’S HARD to imagine that travellers between Sydney and Melbourne once had to stop at a customs post at the...

Research report

1 Jun 2016

CPD latest report, Uneven playing field: the state of Australia’s schools is co-authored by CPD Fellow Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd, who between them have 80 years of experience as NSW principals and education policy experts.

Examining key data from the My School website,...


24 Jul 2015

Australia’s school funding system keeps shifting resources towards non-government schools, and the argument that this saves public money is looking even shakier

For many years the debate about Australian schools has been influenced by the claim that public funding of non-government schools is...

Research report

23 Jul 2015

Recent trends in school recurrent funding strongly suggest that over 40 per cent of students in Catholic schools next year will average as much, if not more, public funding than their peers in similar government schools. Two years further on an additional 40 per cent...

Briefing paper

9 Jan 2015

Recurrent expenditure on school education in Australia is over $44 billion each year, around $36 billion of this provided by governments. These are considerable sums, more often than not expressed as a cost rather than an investment – especially when it doesn’t always seem to...


12 Feb 2014

A new analysis of schools data shows why we mustn’t walk away from the promise of Gonski.

I NEVER thought I’d say this, but I’ve become a fan of the My School website. You’ll remember My School: the federal government launched it with...


5 Mar 2012

THIS was always going to be a big year in education and it doesn’t get much bigger than the release of the report of the Review of Funding for Schooling, known as the Gonski review. We’ve had reviews and reports before but this one has...


11 May 2011

WAGGA WAGGA in the Riverina region of New South Wales is a typical large regional centre, resembling both rural and urban Australia. Just as they do elsewhere, students go to school each day armed with their packs and books and computers – ready to learn,...


8 Mar 2011

AFTER many false starts, the My School 2.0 website finally hit cyberspace on Friday 4 March 2011. It sparked substantial coverage and debate around funding and the resource gaps created in our hybrid framework of schools. In all this initial excitement we seem to have...

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