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29 Sep 2016

Of 81,199 adult offenders, 26% reoffended within two years of the index appearance.

Aim To re-examine the Group Risk Assessment Model (GRAM) for predicting reoffending in adults given non-custodial sentences and to assess the accuracy of the model.

Method Adult offenders...

Research report

16 Sep 2016

Aim: To determine whether the fine amount, the fine detection mode and the socioeconomic status of the offender influence the willingness to pay a fine.

Method: Adults from NSW were surveyed about their experience with traffic fines and willingness to pay fines....

Research report

13 Sep 2016

Aim: To examine trends in the use of conditional discharges in New South Wales Local Courts between 2004 and 2015.

Method: Data for adults found guilty of at least one offence in the New South Wales Local Courts between January 2004 and...

Research report

30 Aug 2016

Aim: To determine whether recidivism was associated with parole release authority; and to determine whether re-offending was also related to being under supervision or not.

Method: Time to first proven re-offence was examined for 1,644 matched offenders who served between 18 and...

Research report

10 Aug 2016

Aim: To investigate whether referral to the Intensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDATP) reduces re‑offending and/or returns to custody.

Method: The study sample included 1,285 offenders who were released from NSW custody on or after 1 January 2013, all of whom...

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