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16 February 2017

This report examines what we do and don’t know about mines, closures and mine site rehabilitation in New South Wales.

19 December 2016

Examines the effect that the fall in tax revenue post Global Financial Crisis (GFC) had on the Commonwealth’s budget.

Discussion paper
20 October 2016

This discussion paper looks at gas industry-funded research, suggesting that it is problematic in situations where the industry has so much to gain from a particular outcome.

16 September 2016

Modelling conducted for this report shows that Australia’s economy would be barely affected by a moratorium on approval of new coal mines and mine expansions. 

Briefing paper
4 August 2016

New research shows that government moves to cut unemployment benefits will put recipients at 32% below the poverty line.

Briefing paper
30 June 2016

This research brief looks at unemployment figures in the federal seat of New England.

Briefing paper
3 May 2016

This study inspects five reasons why people should be deeply suspicious of claims that income tax cuts will increase economic growth.

Discussion paper
2 May 2016

Estimates the extent of corporate wrong-doing in Australia.

15 February 2016

Young Australians are receiving little benefit from three of the budget’s most expensive tax concessions.

11 January 2016

The largest tax concession in Australia is the capital gains tax (CGT) exemption on selling one's main residence.