Boardroom battles over women directors

22 Aug 2011

There's some good news on the horizon for female company directors: women make up almost a third of new appointments to Australian boards.

This is a dramatic turnaround, if you consider that just three years ago the number of women on ASX company boards was actually in decline. The recent increase is being read as a sign of progress in Australia's corporate culture, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. After all, women still account for just over 12 per cent of directors in Australia's top 200 companies. The Australian Institute of Company Directors has just published a book which looks into how company directors are appointed and why it is that women have traditionally found it hard to get past the boardroom gatekeepers. The conclusion is that it's cultural: it's not about the quality of the candidate, but creating networks you can rely on when preparation meets opportunity. Yet could there be more to it than that? Today, we'll speak to two women who have smashed the boardroom's glass ceiling and who have lived to tell the tale.



Anthea McIntyre
Senior Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel,
Australian Institite of Company Directors

Andrea Staines
Company director

Wendy McCarthy
Company director

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