Single search: the quest for the Holy Grail

29 Aug 2011

This report highlights successful strategies in providing a single point of access to library, archive and museum collections. 

In the era of global search engines, users are often puzzled by the realization that they can search the Interne through a single interface, yet the resources of universities and other institutions are often compartmentalized in a plethora of informational silos, each with it own dedicated system, search categories and user interfaces. Many insitutions want to make the breadth of their local resources easily discoverable regardless of where and how the resources are managed
To address this desire, OCLC Research facilitated a working group nine single search implementers through discussions about the opportunites for, and obstacles to, integrating single search access. acrosss an institution.  Members of this group told their stories identified issues, and acknowledged similarities and differences in their approaches.  This brief report summarises those discussions and highlights the emerging practices in providing single search access to an institution's collections. The goal of the report is to foster successful single search implementations by sharing the experience of the working group with those who are just beginning to plan single search implementations.

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