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18 May 2016

Paul Dibb AM has had an extraordinary career. He enjoys an international scholarly reputation of the highest order, while at the same time he has done much distinguished public service. He was a pioneer in moving back and forth between posts in government departments, notably...


6 Apr 2016

The 2016 Defence White Paper (DWP 2016), released in February this year, was the third such document in a little under seven years—a notably shorter interval than has been the case since the release of the first back in 1976.

In this volume, we’ve...

Research report

9 Mar 2016


This study argues that the Taiwan Strait will remain dangerous and that Canberra needs to pay closer attention to the evolving cross-strait situation. Of crucial importance is the question of whether Australia should support its US ally in a future Taiwan contingency....

Research report

27 Mar 2015

Overview: There’s a possibility that Australia’s future submarine (FSM) will be based on a Japanese design. The government has explicitly kept that option open, along with the possibility of buying the boats from Germany or France.

Wherever the FSM is designed, built, or...

Research report

17 Dec 2014

Overview: This report is the first publication from a continuing, open-source study of the coalition campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). With Australian blood and treasure committed to the efforts of the coalition, it is important for ASPI to...

Research report

2 Dec 2014

Is an alliance conceived as a bulwark against a resurgence of Japanese militarism and which cut its military and intelligence teeth in the Cold War is still relevant to today’s strategic concerns?


The alliance between Australia and the US, underpinned by...

Research report

17 Nov 2014

This report argues that the costs of Australia acquiring F-35B Joint Strike Fighter short take-off, vertical landing aircraft outweigh the potential benefits.


Is there a case for Australia to acquire F-35B Joint Strike Fighter short take-off, vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft to...

Research report

30 Apr 2014

This study aims to provide an understanding of the Australian Defence Force's special operations capability and what it offers to government in both peace and wartime.


Over the past decade, the demands of the ADF’s global and regional operations saw an...

Research report

12 Nov 2013

Indonesia’s impressive political and economic development in recent years has fuelled expectations that Australia’s much larger neighbour could join the ranks of the world’s ten largest economies as early as 2030. While there are good reasons to caution against such long-term predictions, there’s a high...

Journal article

5 Jul 2013


The 2013 White Paper reaffirms the centrality of the US Alliance for Australia. It identifies a number of concrete areas for future cooperation and provides the foundation for developing greater strategic ties with China while remaining firmly anchored in the US...

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