Our unharnessed sunshine

12 Sep 2011

It's what Australia's famous for. But while it's true we have oodles of sunshine, we haven't managed to capitalise on our competitive advantage when it comes to solar power.

We're among the world-leaders in research, but the Europeans have moved faster in harvesting solar energy. In fact, around the nation, state goverments have been winding back support for rooftoop solar panels, in what is being seen as yet another failure to make hay while the solar source shines. But the renewables industry remains positive about solar's future—particularly in the form of large scale power plants. The Clean Energy Council—renewable energy's peak representative body in Australia—has today release its 'Large-Scale Solar Policy Roadmap', a shopping list of policy directions it believes governments should follow. Among the recommendations is the exhortation to create a 'stable policy environment'—easier said that done in the current heated political climate.



Matthew Warren
Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council


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