Re-framing Australia-Indonesia security: Volcanic and seismic hazards

14 Aug 2008


Volcanic and seismic hazards associated with the proposed Ujung Lemah Abang nuclear power plant site have been repeatedly addressed in official studies over three decades by the Indonesian National Nuclear Agency (BATAN) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Major consultant studies were conducted for BATAN by NIRA (Nucleare Italiana Reattori Avanzati), NewJEC (originally New Japan Engineering Consultants, a subsidiary of Kansai Electric), and the National Technical Team (NTT, Indonesia). However, none of the original reports from these major studies are publicly available. Nevertheless, some summary materials have been published, and some of the scientists and consultants have published parts of their findings in academic and research journals. This update collates all significant publicly available documents relating to the volcanic, seismic and tectonic characteristics of the proposed Ujung Lemah Abang nuclear power plant site and its environs.

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