Clean Energy future plan: household modelling

19 Oct 2011

This report provides updated estimates of the household impact of the Government's Clean Energy future package and shows that the estimed impact of the carbon price will be lower than that estimed by Treasury. The empirical modelling has been updated to incorporate the latest household expenditure data - the 2009-10 Australian Bureau of Statistics Household Expenditure Survey (HES). The NATSEM modelling attempts to model the ‘actual’ carbon impact on households rather than the ‘average’ impact for different household types used by Treasury. NATSEM’s research shows that the estimated impact of the carbon price will be lower than that estimated by Treasury, at a loss of $8.50 per household per week, and the average benefit to households from both taxation changes and extra Government benefits will be somewhat higher, at a gain of $10.90 per household per week. 69 per cent of households will be better off under this plan.  

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