Managing two worlds together - city hospital care for country Aboriginal people

31 Oct 2011

Aiming to improve the experience of health care system for Indigenous people, this project considered Aboriginal patients from rural and remote areas of South Australia and parts of the Northern Territory.

The project is based on four separate studies:•    Study 1—Report on Admissions and Costs analyses the patterns of admission and length of stay of country Aboriginal patients in city public hospitals•    Study 2—Staff Perspectives on Care for Country Aboriginal Patients reports the views of staff who provide care for country Aboriginal patients in city and country hospitals and health services•    Study 3—The Experiences of Patients and Their Carers is a first-hand report of rural Aboriginal patients and their carers•    Study 4—Complex Country Aboriginal Patient Journeys maps four journey case studies, and analyses gaps and breakpoints in those care journeys.
Authors: Judith Dwyer, Janet Kelly, Eileen Willis, John Glover, Tamara Mackean, Brita Pekarsky and Malcolm Battersby
Report cover: Kuntjanu – Mingkiri Tjuta Tjukurpa (Marsupial Mouse Dreaming) by Rama Sampson

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