Literature review: document II

5 May 2011

This document presents a review of the literature on Natural Resource Management policy and planning in Australia.

It is the second document in a three-part series produced as part of a joint initiative by the HC Coombs Policy Forum and the Fenner School of Environment and Society at The Australian National University.

Over the past three decades, the Australian Government, in partnership with State and Territory governments, has undertaken ambitious experimentation within Natural Resource Management (NRM) policy and programs. The aim has been to establish programs that are positioned to use public funds to best effect in achieving valued NRM outcomes. One of the most significant elements of the experiment has involved a decentralisation of NRM planning down to the regional scale: the establishment of the so-called ‘regional NRM delivery model’ (regional model) which has been formally in place since 2003. Regional NRM delivery concerns all aspects of natural resource management planning, investment, coordination, engagement, and evaluation. This so called regionalisation of NRM in Australia has taken place in the context of a much broader interest in regional governance across a range of policy sectors globally.

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