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Joy McCann is an Australian social and environmental historian with research interests in landscape and memory in settler societies, the history of oceanography in the Southern Hemisphere, and scientific and cultural constructions of the deep ocean. She completed her PhD at the ANU in 2006 and is currently working on an environmental history of the Southern Ocean. She has extensive experience as a public historian in the heritage and museums sector, and is currently a senior researcher at the Parliamentary Library in Canberra.

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26 Feb 2015

Summary: This Quick Guide contains the most recent table showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender. It takes into account the results of the 2015 Queensland state election and the South Australian by-election for Davenport, both held on 31 January 2015....


14 Jan 2015

This Quick Guide provides direct links to key websites, information and documents relating to: women in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia; women in the State and Territory Parliaments; women in politics; overseas parliaments; and other resources on women in parliament and politics.


9 Jul 2014

This updated paper draws on recent data and research to discuss trends and issues relating to women in Australian parliaments within an international context. It includes data on women in leadership and ministry positions, on committees and as candidates in Commonwealth elections.



24 Jun 2014

Introduction: This Quick Guide draws together information about women who have held leadership positions in Australia from Federation to May 2014. It includes vice-regal appointments , presiding officers , government, opposition and parliamentary party leaders , and parliamentary party presidents .

This Quick...


30 May 2014

This paper provides an overview of Tasmania’s parliamentary and electoral system, the state’s political landscape in the lead up to the election, issues that dominated the 2014 election, the parties, the candidates and the results.

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Tasmanians went to the polls...

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