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29 Mar 2012

This report examines negative health determinants, known as risk factors, and provides insights into their prevalence.

It examines the most common combinations of risk factors in the community, and highlights the potential for lifestyle behaviour changes that may lead to health gains for individuals...

Research report

28 Mar 2012

This report presents information on the medical practitioner workforce, based primarily on estimates a data set containing information on the demographic and employment characteristics of medical practitioners who were registered in Australia in 2010.

Data are collected via registration forms and a survey instrument...

Research report

16 Mar 2012

This paper provides policy makers with key findings about what works, and assesses the gaps in the evidence for the following three of the seven COAG building blocks that were the focus of the Clearinghouse in Year 2:

• Early childhood • Healthy homes...

Research report

16 Mar 2012

The low employment rate of Indigenous Australians contributes to economic deprivation and a range of social problems. Increasing employment rates is key to reducing Indigenous disadvantage (e.g., COAG 2009). Employment is central to the Closing the Gap targets that directly refer to engagement with the...

Research report

16 Mar 2012

Employment is an important element of successful integration within one’s community. Across Australia, nearly two-thirds of prisoners were unemployed when they committed the crimes for which they were incarcerated. For Indigenous and non-Indigenous ex-prisoners alike, there are numerous benefits associated with employment. They include benefits...

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