Safe handling and use of carbon nanotubes

5 March 2012
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Australia’s work health and safety legislation aims to protect the health and safety of researchers and workers developing, manufacturing or using engineered nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes.

The potential risks from exposure to carbon nanotubes have been identified and examined in research studies. To help people work safely with carbon nanotubes, Safe Work Australia commissioned the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to develop the guidance document Safe Handling and Use of Carbon Nanotubes. The document describes two approaches to managing the risks:

  • Risk management with detailed hazard analysis and exposure assessment, and 
  • Risk management by using Control Banding
  • Either or both of these methods may be used, depending on the circumstances.

    The guidance in this document is applicable to other forms of carbon nanofibres, such as carbon nanorods and carbon nanowires. It is also applicable to products containing carbon nanotubes and other forms of carbon nanofibres where these nanomaterials may be released during handling.

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