Serious music for serious times

9 March 2012

No ads on the ABC? Don’t believe it for a minute. Last Sunday’s Insiders was chockers with ads, writes Dennis Atkins for the Punch.

The political interview guy, Graig Emerson, was plugging his book, Vital Signs, Vibrant Society, even offering to sign copies for an extra buck.

Then host Barrie Cassidy gave a big leg up to sometime Insiders couch buddy George Megalogenis’s new volume of thoughts, facts and analysis, The Australian Moment.

And the show closed with yours truly throwing in a “do yourself a favour” minute by suggesting people wrap their ears around Bruce Springsteen’s new disc, Wrecking Ball, a political shout into the daylight out this week.

We’ll have a bit to say about the Springsteen opus later but straight after the show one of the floor crew whispered in my ear.

“Have you heard Ry Cooder’s Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down?” he asked. “You betcha,” I shot back and we exchanged hurried views.

Anyone who saw Cooder when he toured early last year with his mate Nick Lowe will have seen how angry he is about the plight of his fellow Americans.


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