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21 Feb 2018

This aggregate-level analysis finds no evidence that the Bail Assessment Officer intervention had an impact on the granting of bail at first appearance, bail refused days or time on remand.

Research report

6 Mar 2017

Aims: To assess the longer-term effects of the 2014 NSW liquor law reforms on levels of violence in the inner Sydney area.

Method: Interrupted time series models were used to examine the effects of the legislative reforms introduced in January 2014. Police...

Research report

31 Oct 2016

Aim : To compare the accuracy of Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model and Holt-Winters additive exponential smoothing method for forecasting the size of the total NSW adult prison population

Method : NSW adult prison population data was obtained up until July...

Research report

16 Sep 2016

Aim: To determine whether the fine amount, the fine detection mode and the socioeconomic status of the offender influence the willingness to pay a fine.

Method: Adults from NSW were surveyed about their experience with traffic fines and willingness to pay fines....

Research report

20 Apr 2016

Aim: To examine trends in non-domestic assault in Pyrmont and The Star casino since the February 2014 reforms contained in the Liquor Amendment Act 2014 (popularly known as the ‘lockout laws’) were implemented in central Sydney.

Method: Time series analysis, police narrative...

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