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31 Oct 2015

Education makes a crucial contribution to the development and wellbeing of all children and young people and is an important gateway to future employment and life opportunities. For children and young people growing up in out-of-home care, education can provide a pathway out of disadvantage....


27 Aug 2015

Many students with disability experience disadvantage and discrimination in school. They face several significant challenges, including exclusion from school and inadequate support. These students are currently being denied their right to an inclusive, quality education.

The Senate Education and Employment References Committee is conducting...

Discussion paper

14 Oct 2014

Under the current NSW Child Protection legislative reforms, there is increased emphasis on permanency arrangements including adoption and long-term guardianship orders.

This paper provides an overview of the development of post-adoption support services in the US and UK; outlines research on the benefits of...


30 Jul 2014

Young people leaving care or who have left care are over-represented in the statistics on homelessness, early school leaving and contact with the criminal justice system. They are also more likely to have children at an early age and are at greater risk of having...


30 Oct 2012

This policy paper examines the impact of rising rates of school suspension on vulnerable children and young people. Often, the students suspended from school are those who can least afford to be absent from the classroom. Indeed, certain groups of students, including children and young...

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