Andrew Zammit

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Journal article
10 March 2017

Terror plots have become far more frequent in Australia since September 2014, but they have also become less ambitious.

Audio podcast
2 March 2017

A discussion on the international terrorism, its impact on Australia, and counter-terrorism legislation from 2014 onwards.

Audio podcast
19 January 2017

A discussion on the international development of terrorism and its manifestations in Australia, covering the period from the 1960s up until 2013.

Audio podcast
1 December 2016

An interview with Vidhya Ramalingam and Ross Frenett about countering violent extremism (CVE), which refers to non-coercive efforts to help prevent involvement in terrorism.

Audio podcast
1 September 2016

This interview discusses the use of social media by members of the Australian Army, and the purposes it can be used for such as outreach, professional development, and encouraging innovation.

Audio podcast
4 August 2016

This interview discusses signals intelligence and its current role in counter-terrorism, the threats posed by the 'Islamic State' and al-Qaeda, the attacks in Brussels and Paris, the current...

Audio podcast
7 July 2016

Noor Huda Ismail discusses the evolution of terrorism in Indonesia and his involvement in rehabilitation efforts.

Audio podcast
9 June 2016

This interview discusses the situations facing asylum seekers trying to escape persecution for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

12 October 2015

The Parramatta shooting and its aftermath demonstrate common difficulties democracies face in counterterrorism.

3 September 2015

The transnational pull of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and the emergence of the Islamic State, risk undermining Indonesia’s counter-terrorism successes.