BYO - next wave in the eRevolution

28 May 2012

Tablets are the new textbooks at a college in Wyndham Vale, now each year 6 and 7 student owns and learns on an iPad, writes Ainslie Macgibbon for the Age.

The 1500-strong secondary school, on the outskirts of Werribee, is something of a laboratory for innovative learning. If the school has a mantra, it is: embrace technology and face reality. Its students are, after all, digital natives who adapt to changing technologies faster than parents and teachers. Corrie Barclay, the school's eLearning co-ordinator, says the nature of technology means it is constantly changing - and often schools struggle to keep up.

''Education needs to keep up because devices such as iPads and iPhones have greatly altered the way we go about our lives,'' he says. Mr Barclay says the the amount of digital learning resources available is phenomenal. How are schools to keep up in that fast-changing world? One answer is BYOT. Bring Your Own Technology. The concept is simple: if a student already has a preferred technology at home, bring it to school rather than duplicate the cost and time spent learning to navigate a new device issued or mandated by the school.

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Image: Flickr / Poughkeepsie Day School

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