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In an important collaborative partnership, the Workplace Research Centre has worked closely with Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd, Generation One and Mission Australia to undertake a review of the current data challenges in the realm of Indigenous labour market analysis.

The study emerged from a recognition, across all of the research partners, that current data collection methods surrounding Indigenous employment experience require significant revision. The report scopes the potential for improvements to data collection methods, and considers alternative options for future data collection. Particular focus is placed on the issue of career formation and development, and how the experience of Indigenous workers might be statistically better captured.
The controversial issue of ???best practice??? is also considered by the report. The report is divided into four core areas of analysis: (1) conceptual critique; (2) quantitative critique; (3) qualitative review of the best practice concept; and (4) final recommendations going forward. The final report emerging from this research collaboration has been released by Generation One. It is hoped that this research will prompt some lively discussion in realm of Indigenous labour market policy.

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