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2 Aug 2018

As Victoria moves towards developing new, risk-sensitive approaches to responding to family violence, the voices and experiences of those affected by this complex and distinct form of family violence offer vital insights into the risks faced by victims and affected families.


7 Dec 2017

This context report surveys the field of AFV, providing definitions of AFV and related concepts, then giving overviews of research, the state of knowledge, policies and practice regarding AFV, what we know about AFV, and methodologies used to research it.


27 Nov 2017

How valuable is the introduction of new legal categories as a way of improving responses to intimate partner violence?


30 Mar 2017

Victoria continues to lead the nation in the area of family violence prevention. It is also arguably emerging as a world leader.

Research report

28 Oct 2016

Executive summary

Each week in Australia at least one woman is killed by her current or former intimate partner (Cussen and Bryant 2015). Between 2002/3 and 2011/12 in Australia 488 women were killed by an intimate partner nationally (Cussen and Bryant 2015). When...

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