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Briefing paper

21 Sep 2017

This policy brief first explains the challenges related to Chinese international students and then specifies policy recommendations to deal with these concerns.

Research report

23 Jun 2015

In this Lowy Institute Report Nonresident Fellows Linda Jakobson and Rory Medcalf identify both the real differences in interests between China and other powers in the Indo-Pacific, but also the sharp divergences in perceptions regarding China’s maritime strategic objectives.

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Research report

11 Dec 2014

Executive summary

In recent years China’s good-neighbourly pledges of increased trade and investment have stood in stark contrast with its provocative actions in its near seas. In part this reflects contradictions in China’s core interests. On the one hand, economic growth — vital...

Audio presentation

19 Feb 2013

2013 is an election year and we know that domestic issues will dominate the campaign and decide our next prime minister. But, at a time when the world is confronting major changes, our foreign policy directions are hugely important, too.

In the Wheeler Centre's...

Research report

5 Feb 2013

This paper argues that foreign policy will not be a top priority of China's new leaders because they must focus on immense domestic problems. Therefore Chinese foreign policy can be expected to be reactive. This may have serious consequences because of the potentially explosive nature...

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