The ACT young people’s plan 2009-2014

1 Dec 2009

The most important job for any community is to ensure that children and young people are provided with every opportunity to reach their full potential and to be active members of society. The Young People’s Plan 2009–2014 will be the government’s framework for meeting this obligation to the ACT’s young people.
The Young People’s Plan 2009–2014 is a statement of commitment by the ACT Government to work in partnership with young people and key stakeholders to improve outcomes for young people in the ACT aged 12 to 25 years.The plan for 2009–2014 builds on the four key directions of participation, transitions, access and support as outlined in the Young People’s Plan 2004–2008.
The 2009–2014 aims to:
value and promote the positive contribution that young people make to the ACT community
respect, protect and advance the human rights of young people in the ACT
support young people to participate and engage in the implementation and evaluation of the plan
identify the needs of young people in the ACT and provide priorities for action by government and non-government agencies
guide policy development and service delivery for young people in the ACT by government and non-government agencies.

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