Roberta Ryan

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Last Name: Ryan
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13 December 2016

The Why Local Government Matters in South Australia report provides the results of the research on how South Australians perceive local government and its role in society. The knowledge gained has...

Journal article
5 December 2016

A review of evaluations of disaster recovery efforts, mostly focusing on grey literature. Advocates for a national post-disaster recovery evaluation framework.

24 June 2016

Workforce planning in the local government sector is essential to meet the needs of communities and deliver a growing, prosperous Tasmania. These guidelines were developed to improve Tasmanian...

17 June 2015

The research aims to better understand how and why the activities of local governments, and their roles in society are valued by communities.

13 February 2015

Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government has compiled Australia's first, extensive profile of the local government workforce.

1 September 2014

A response to the Government's White Paper on Reform of the Federation, this paper traces key themes of local government's place in the Federation historically as well as examining the role for...

Working paper
1 July 2014

This paper explores the ways in which councils create public value in a broad sense – or ‘the common good’ – and deliver this value specifically through planning and managing and delivering a wide...

21 June 2014

This resource aims to assist councils assess the services they provide for local communities.

29 May 2012

This report positively assesses the impact of Working on Country, a government program providing employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people to undertake natural resource...