Urban conversations: triumph of the city


Sydney is one of the world's great global cities. For a city of this size, the distribution of housing, jobs, infrastructure and transport networks can't be left to chance.

On 20 June 2012 the department held its first Urban Conversations public forum. Titled Triumph of the City, the event brought Sydney's thought leaders in urban planning together to discuss fresh approaches to meeting Sydney's biggest challenge now and into the future - planning for a population that is expected to increase from 4.2 million to more than 5.6 million by 2031. Recognised as the world's leading urban economist, Harvard University's Professor Edward Glaeser promoted his view that cities are the healthiest, greenest and richest places to live. The discussion was led by media personality James O'Loghlin.

Footage from this event can be viewed here on You Tube.

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