John Martin

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Last Name: Martin
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Discussion paper
14 March 2017

This discussion paper reviews the major themes in policy, public debate and the published literature on the role of local governments in the housing sphere in Australia in the 21st Century.

10 April 2015

This submission to the review into Victoria’s regional economic development strategy and service delivery model is a collaboration between five regional researchers from three Victorian...

13 September 2013

This report considers the impact of climate change on Australia’s country towns out to the year 2050 and the capacity of this component of Australia’s settlement system to adapt.

25 September 2012

This discussion paper explores the dimensions of models that define working relationships between council Mayors and members of local government.

The working relationship...

Conference paper
30 November 2007

This paper will explore the impacts of multiple home ownership and use of multiple residences on cities and regions in affluent societies.