Public libraries of New Zealand: a strategic framework 2012 – 2017

30 Sep 2012

Public libraries provide connections to knowledge, ideas and works of the imagination, anytime, everywhere, enabling individuals to turn knowledge into value, participate as citizens and strengthen their communities.
They instil and encourage the joy of reading for pleasure, recreation, discovery and lifelong learning, and develop and provide innovative services and rich content to meet the needs of users in the digital age. Libraries are vibrant places of inspiration, debate and social interaction.
They are public civic spaces. They will continue to collect, create and be the repositories of recorded knowledge and information about our cultural heritage. As a significant conduit for services and information provided by government agencies and civil organisations, public libraries play a major role in the development of socially cohesive, informed and inclusive communities. Partnering with other educational and cultural groups, they help to benefit and strengthen those communities.

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