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16 Mar 2017

Executive summary and recommendations

The Trump administration looks to be adopting a more muscular and self-interested security policy in the Asia-Pacific.

Confrontational on China: Trump and his advisers have outlined a hard line towards China on most bilateral issues, and view...

Research report

24 Jan 2017


President Donald Trump has hinted at a more muscular US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific. In tweets and speeches since the election, he has adopted a hard-line on China’s island-building in the South China Sea, vowed to prevent North Korea from acquiring...

Research report

29 Apr 2016

Executive summary International concern over China’s assertive island - building campaign in the South China Sea overlooks a broader shift in its maritime security conduct. Chinese naval and coastguard forces are taking fewer tactical risks than a few years ago. Beijing now advocates confidence...

Research report

8 Nov 2012

This book chapter examines the factors that are likely to influence the strategic dynamic of the China-India bilateral relationship in the Asian Century.

Although engagement through trade, defence dialogue and high-level visits has deepened, strategic relations remain strained. While it is likely that strategic...

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