Integrated whole-farm modelling: an application for policy analysis of climate change adaptation

7 Feb 2012

This paper describes an integrated modelling approach suitable for analysing a wide range of policy, economic and environmental issues where spatial heterogeneity is important. The approach involves overlaying whole-farm models onto GIS map layers of land use, soil, climate and topographic information. The integration is implemented through a Matlab® platform connected to a suite of Excel based farm models. This approach enables flexible, efficient data processing and scenario analysis. The integrated modelling platform can be used to assess Victoria-wide and regional farm-level impacts of climate and weather changes, policies, market developments and new technologies. It supports comparative assessments of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios, but not the identification of farm adjustment paths over time. To demonstrate its functionality, we present an application that evaluates possible consequences of technological adaptation under a common climate change scenario in affecting farming systems and land-use patterns in Victoria.

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