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Policy Online collects and catalogues a wide range of policy related resources produced by academic research centres, government departments and agencies, think tanks, NGOs, consultants, professional bodies and private enterprise. In recent years online publishing by organisations (grey literature) has increased rapidly and the need to bring this content together into a searchable database of catalogued materials is needed more than ever. Organisations are encouraged to post their content for submission to Policy Online editors who will moderate the content prior to publication.

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This is new functionality which we are still setting up and testing. We would appreciate any feedback about the process or any suggestions on how it could be improved. Please note, this is not the place to submit event, course or job advertising.  That material is welcome here>

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Email with deadlink as the subject. Please include the url of the APO page where you found the deadlink.

The database contains many links to external resources which may go dead due to organisations moving or removing content. This is a major issue for all internet users and one we are aiming to address with more full text content hosted in our repository. Please let us know if you find any links that no longer work and we will fix them ASAP.



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