Information sharing under Child Protection Act 1999

9 Jul 2012

This document outlines the responsibilities of sharing information concerning a child's protection and care in accordance with the Child Protection Act 1999. The appropriate sharing of information in accordance with the Child Protection Act 1999 will ensure the delivery of a coordinated services response that successfully meets the needs of the child and their family. The Child Protection Act 1999 (QLD) permits the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) to engage in the exchange of relevant information with other prescribed service providers concerned with the provision of services to children and their families.

Section 159H permits Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) to request services from DETE, section 159M of the CHild Protection Act 1999 enables authorised DETE officers to share relevant information with prescribed entities and section 159N allows Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) to request information from authorised DETE officers.

The Director General of DETE authorises select departmental officers to exchange relevant information in order to contribute to a whole-of-government response to child protection concerns. These authorised officers are permitted to share relevant information about children who have been harmed or may be at risk of harm.

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