Home education in Queensland

9 Jul 2012

The Queensland Government respects the rights of parents to choose to engage their children in home education. As such, the Work Education in Queensland document has been created to outline the neccesary application procedures for parents seeking registration as home educators.

By submitting an application for registration as a home based educator, parents confirm their committment to complying with the standard conditions as stated in section 217 of the Act. In opting for this form of education, parents accept the resonsibility to educate their child/ren at home using an educational program developed and/or adapted by themselves or a registered teacher. To be eligable for registration, a child must be: a resident of queensland, of compulsory school age or in the compulsory participation phase and not currently enrolled in another school. The manager of the home education unit is required to monitor the provision of relevant information and the creation of learning accounts with the Queensland Studies Authority for registered students in the compulsory participation phase. \

In order to comply with the conditions of registration, parents must submit an annual report in the tenth month of each year (as outlined in the Reporting for Continuing Registration for Home Education form) and notify the Home Education Unit of any changes to the child's usual place of residence. The manager of the Home Education Unit will contact the parent in response to their annual report submission, to varify confirmation of registration renewal.

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