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Research report

20 Feb 2018

The relationship between regulation, care provision and risk has been an area of continuing policy debate. How dementia care providers handle regulation contributes to the quality of dementia care and the monitoring and enforcement of care standards.

Research report

28 Nov 2017

The interaction of personal care workers with residents is the focus of this short report from research about regulation and dementia care.

Research report

15 Apr 2015

The study of a pilot program to support people with younger onset dementia in the Frankston area of outer Melbourne has found that the participants valued being involved in initiating and organising activities that they find meaningful and enjoyable, and having the chance to share...

Working paper

30 Apr 2013

This paper is part of a series that attempts to re-position the perceptions and contributions of older people in contemporary Australian society. The world is undergoing a profound demographic shift, with almost every nation state experiencing population ageing on a scale that is unprecedented. This...

Research report

21 Feb 2013

Caring for Carers (C4C) was initiated by the Brotherhood of St Laurence in 2009 as a pilot program to assist people caring for someone with dementia in the community. It provided carers with training and follow-up support, delivered by project workers experienced in community dementia...

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