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Research report

27 Feb 2017

This report presents findings from an analysis of the scale and scope of the sharing economy in Melbourne. The central aim of this report is to outline the breadth of the sharing economy in Melbourne, and to identify future directions for further investigation. The new...

Journal article

25 Jul 2013

This article draws from recent work by the authors on high-speed broadband and Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) to critically engage with and extend theories of media ecologies. The argument of this paper is that the media ecology approach is a valuable framework for making...

Journal article

24 Apr 2013

This paper deploys a media archaeology perspective to analyse the discursive and material practices framing contemporary understandings of 'public privacy'.

In his 1958 poem 'Dedication to my Wife' TS Eliot proclaims "these are private words addressed to you in public". Simultaneously written...

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