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13 Feb 2017

Some towns and areas in regional Australia are facing price rises and property shortages that are making them unaffordable for the people what want to live there. Joining us to discuss this matter is Professor Andrew Beer is Dean of Research and Innovation at the...

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5 Sep 2016

A former union official, Grace Collier, has called for greater scrutiny of 'deals' between unions and employers, which leave some workers worse off. Recently the Coles group had an enterprise agreement struck out because it disadvantaged some workers.

Collier, now a private consultant, says...

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15 Aug 2016

A young indigenous thinker from Alice Springs says too often women are part of the huge problem that is Aboriginal violence, because in many cases men are seen as incapable of doing wrong.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says instead of looking to constitutional recognition or...

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13 Jun 2016

Many people dream of writing a best-selling book, but not many of them actually have a runaway success in them.

In the past, budding author’s spent months, sometimes years, slaving over a typewriter or PC trying to produce something worthy of a Ludlum, King...

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23 May 2016

Australia is one of America’s closest allies, we’ve fought in every significant conflict together since World War 1 and we’re party to several defence treaties. It's fair to say military co-operation is close. But, because of this, does the US believe that Australia will therefore...

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18 Apr 2016

A new report says billions of dollars has been squandered in the last decade on road projects in marginal electorates to the detriment of our cities – where the infrastructure is actually needed .

The report, from the Grattan Institute, says many of the...

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1 Dec 2014

Some people argue that right now Australian manufacturing is in decline. That Australian manufacturers have been plagued by high labour costs plus bad work and management practices. That employers are moving off shore and employment numbers are dwindling.

Might better business practises help boost...

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1 Sep 2014

A new report argues that ‘countries that invest in strategic thinking and planning have more capacity to deliver better quality.’ Now that report is actually on foreign policy and as we’ve seen recently Australia has a role to play in world affairs and it’s important...

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11 Nov 2013

We are in the midst of an energy revolution - gas - and it’s important that we get it right so there’s enough for both the home market and the export market, that the price is competitive and that it’s not too much of a...

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21 Oct 2013

What effect is the seemingly unstoppable advance of social medi a, and in particular Twitter, having on world events? H ow it is shaping war and peace and how we think and what we do?

The Taliban use twitter so does the...

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