Eleanor Hogan

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Last Name: Hogan
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21 November 2016

In September 2015, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research commenced a two-year research project on safety and wellbeing as it relates to communication technologies, in remote Aboriginal...

7 June 2016

This book examines the reasons for the digital divide in remote communities, how broadband infrastructure can change life in such communities and sets out an evaluation of the 'Home Internet...

1 June 2015

The first comprehensive study of internet adoption and use in Australia’s remote Aboriginal Communities.

11 July 2014

Tennant Creek has developed innovative ways of dealing with social media. But the initiatives are languishing, partly for lack of funding.

9 May 2013

The NT government’s abolition of the Banned Drinkers Register has divided opinion in Central Australia, writes Eleanor Hogan in Inside Story.