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Assisting inhabitants of residential homes with management of their energy consumption.

19 Jun 2013

Abstract: Although there are already a range of energy monitoring and automation systems available in the market that target residential homes, mostly with the aim of reducing their total energy consumption, very few of these systems are directly concerned with how those energy savings are actually made. As such, these systems do not provide tools that would allow users to make intelligent decisions about their energy usage strategies, and encourage them to change their energy use behaviour. In this paper we describe a system designed to facilitate planning and control of energy usage activities in residential homes. We also report on a user study of this system which demonstrates its potential for making energy savings possible.

Authors: Michael Kugler 1, Elisabeth André 1, Masood Masoodian 2, Florian Reinhart 3, Bill Rogers 2, and Kevin Schlieper 3

1    Human Centered Multimedia University of Augsburg Augsburg, Germany,

2    Department of Computer Science The University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand {masood,coms0108}

3    Bottled Software GmbH St. Leon-Rot, Germany {florian, kevin}

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