The aged care taboo

2 Jul 2013

Many of us will end up in aged care, but no one wants to talk about it. It's depressing, boring, lonely. Or is it? Recent research from the Queensland University of Technology suggests many new residents of aged care facilities find their existential despair disappears, their health improves, and their social life takes off.

Although Australia’s population is ageing, we very seldom talk about the ageing experience.

Most people know very little about the experience of aged care, and the views they do hold are often quite negative.

Our recent research project addressed this knowledge gap, exploring the aged care experience from the perspective of new residents at BallyCara, a residential aged care facility on Brisbane’s Redcliffe Peninsula. Our aim was to identify the specific characteristics—individual (eg, attitudinal, emotional, spiritual, social, health etc), structural (eg, environmental, design) and cultural (eg, management ethos, philosophy of care, caregiver attributes etc)—that enable and support older people to be happy, actively age and have a good quality of life in residential aged care.

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Photo Credit: Nick.Baumgartner via Compfight cc

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