Michelle Grattan


3 Nov 2017

Instead of telling the Senate President, Stephen Parry, that he should be transparent, for the sake of the integrity of both the government and the parliament, senior Turnbull Government members allegedly encouraged him to 'wait and see.' This can only reinforce the Australian public’s deep...


7 Sep 2017

The High Court has struck down the challenges to the same-sex marriage ballot, clearing the way for voting papers to start going out next week.


2 Jun 2017

The most unfortunate aspect of the controversy surrounding ASIO chief Duncan Lewis is that it has given a free kick to those who want to sharpen a divisive debate about Australia’s refugee intake and Muslim immigrants generally.



10 Nov 2016

Attorney-General George Brandis has pre-empted his opponents in the Senate by rescinding his controversial direction that all requests to the Solicitor-General for advice must go through him.

After a scathing report from the non-government majority on a Senate inquiry into the events surrounding Brandis...



27 Oct 2016

Scott Morrison is a “once bitten, never shy” sort of guy. Having had a bad experience in the high profile debate over whether to change the GST, which ultimately came to nothing, the Treasurer this week launched into the hot topic of housing affordability....



24 Oct 2016

Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has quit, declaring his relationship with Attorney-General, George Brandis, is “irretrievably broken” and taking a major swipe at his government critics.

Gleeson’s resignation follows their bitter row over Brandis’s order that all requests for the Solicitor-General’s advice must come through his...



20 Jan 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has directly lobbied US legislators to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which he describes as “a very critical part of America’s continued presence in the Asia-Pacific”.

Turnbull stressed the TPP’s importance in his talks with politicians on Capitol Hill, who included...

Audio program

15 May 2015

A mea culpa for last year, and a platform for the next election - that's the report card on this week's 2015 federal budget.

Last night, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten gave his budget reply speech, promising new spending and directly targeting Tony Abbott....

Video lecture/presentation

22 Jul 2013

With the federal election fast approaching, and two weeks prior to the leadership spill that would see Gillard relinquish the prime ministership, Sally Warhaft speaks with pre-eminent political journalist Michelle Grattan for a special spotlight edition of the Fifth Estate.

What are the issues...



14 May 2013

Treasurer Wayne Swan has delivered a budget with a A$19.4 billion deficit this financial year, falling only to $18 billion in 2013-14.

The government would aim to bring the budget back to “balance” – less than $1 billion in the black ­– in 2015-16,...

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