The beginning of the end for geoblocking?

22 Jul 2013

Australia: the lucky country, a proud island nation and… the pirate capital of the planet.

We may not be pillaging every ship that hits our shores, but when it comes to TV shows and movies, Australians will to do whatever it takes to access quality video content.

This point has been proven time and time again. Piracy and copyright specialist news site, TorrentFreak frequently runs data on TV shows that are being pirated across the internet, and within the past couple of years, Australia has consistently ranked as one of the top countries engaging in this activity. And if that’s not enough evidence of our piracy ways, earlier this year US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich was forced to plead with Australians to stop illegally downloading Game Of Thrones.

There’s no doubt that the mass adoption of BitTorrent and other online sharing tool revolutionised the way in which many Australians enjoy some of the best content on the web, and in turn posed a significant threat to the whole media supply chain. Now, we're sitting on the cusp of another transition; the mass adoption of a new set of geeky tech tools that have the potential to once again turn the content industry on its head.

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Image: kryptyk / Flickr

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