Jim Minifie


3 Dec 2017

Is competitive pressure in Australia weak? How costly to Australia is market power? This report assesses the evidence and proposes policies to increase competitive pressure.



16 Jun 2016

A complacent government could easily adopt a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the effects of technology on our economy, but a report from the Productivity Commission advocates what governments need to do to confront digital disruption - get out of its way, writes Jim...

Research report

14 Apr 2016

The rise of the sharing economy can save Australians more than $500 million on taxi bills, help them to put underused property and other assets to work, and increase employment and income for people on the fringe of the job market. The prize for getting...

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14 Apr 2016

Millions of people around the world are using peer-to-peer platforms for everything from booking a holiday, using a ridesharing business, or even finding a tradesperson. Uber and Airbnb are two of the biggest names in Australia’s growing peer-to-peer economy.

But governments here and abroad...

Research report

19 Apr 2015

Overview: The Government must act to prevent excessive fees taking at least $40,000 from the superannuation accounts of millions of Australians at retirement.

Too many account holders pay too much in both administration and investment management fees, and that the system could be...

Research report

10 Jun 2014

This paper shows how Australian businesses can get the most out of one of the biggest global innovations: information communications technology.

Overview: Innovation – the successful application of new ideas – drives Australia’s productivity. Australia’s biggest innovation opportunity lies in creatively exploiting global...

Research report

27 Apr 2014

Australians are paying up to three times more than they should for superannuation, argues this report.


Australians pay far too much for superannuation. They pay about $20 billion in fees and expenses in total. Fund customers pay $1300 on average, every...

Research report

28 Jul 2013

This report examines the fears some Australians have about the potential adverse consequences of the 10-year mining boom.

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