Christine Bigby

First Name: Christine
Last Name: Bigby
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Discussion paper
2 March 2017

This Issues Paper addresses two primary questions: first, how will outcomes for NDIS participants vary in different urban contexts and domains? And, second, in what ways will the NDIS drive wider...

21 July 2015

This study demonstrates the significant contribution that self-advocacy groups make to the social inclusion of individual members and in furthering the inclusive capacity of communities.

11 July 2015

This report presents the findings of a study undertaken by the La Trobe Living with Disability Research Centre that explored the processes and dilemmas associated with supporting people with...

1 July 2015

This study adds knowledge to the understanding of the supported living arrangements for people with intellectual disability in Australia, and to the wider literature. 

31 July 2013

The creation of Disability Care and the heightened attention for the social inclusion and needs of people with a disability within Australia will have profound long term positive impacts, but the...

1 June 2013

Older Australians with disabilities may have difficulty in pursuing an active, social retirement. The Transition to Retirement Program, which aims to help older Australians with disabilities...