Get niche: Instagram, tumblr and Pinterest for nonprofits

19 Jul 2013

On July 11, 2013 Holly Harrison, director of marketing for Paper Darts and communications and accounts manager for Lake Street Council, shared with us her insights and best practices on how nonprofits can use niche social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram to connect with audiences.

As she points out in the presentation, visual storytelling is emerging as a powerful tool to inspire action — even more powerful in many cases than the written word alone. These three platforms are rooted in either sharing or creating entirely new, beautiful, and highly shareable visual content. Being active within these spaces can be very rewarding, and, although there’s no “right way” to use them, there are definitely best practices emerging.

You can watch Holly’s entire presentation above, and download a copy of the PowerPoint slides here in PDF format. After scoping them out, why not follow Holly on Twitter, or check out Lake Street Council or Paper Darts amazing Pinterest page? (FYI, Paper Darts occasionally posts lovely, artsy things that are NSFW.)



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