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PolitiFact Australia is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and other influential people in the Australian political debate.

It is the first international licensee of the Pulitzer-prize winning US site,

PolitiFact Australia is a non-partisan, independent journalistic venture run by Peter Fray, the former editor-in-chief of the Sydney Morning Herald, and staffed by experienced reporters and researchers.

Our goal is to bring greater accountability to the federal election campaign.

We want to help Australian voters make better-informed decisions.

We want to help keep our politicians honest.

We want to restore faith in the political process — and the role journalists play in it.

Journalists exist to hold the powerful to account. PolitiFact in the US and now in Australia is an affirmation of that deep tradition.

We do not start with the premise that all politicians are liars.

That would be unfair and untrue.

But our political and policy debate is a battle of short, targeted grabs and talking points, some of which are true, some false, some in between — and some outright falsehoods.

We will seek to serve our readers, who hear a factual claim and ask, “Really? Is that true?"

PolitiFact started as a project of the Tampa Bay Times in Florida and operates nationally and through 10 state affiliates.

It has made over 7,000 fact-checks since it started in Washington six years ago.

We hope to replicate the success of the US site and over time extend our work to state-based issues and debates. While we have drawn inspiration, support and methodology from the US site, PolitiFact Australia is a wholly owned and operated Australian company.

Funding for PolitiFact Australia comes from a variety of sources, including media partnerships, advertising, donations and sponsorships. We will not receive political funding.

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