Now it’s urgent: why we need to simplify voting for the Senate

10 Sep 2013


Despite its limited resources, the anti-vaccination movement has scored significant successes, if contributing to disease and death can be described as a success. Following Wakefield’s spurious claims, vaccination rates fell sharply in parts of Britain, and epidemics of measles and other preventable illnesses duly followed. In Australia, whooping cough has made a comeback, with tragic consequences. - See more at:

WHILE the final composition of the Senate won’t be known for at least a fortnight, it seems likely that some micro-party candidates who attracted very little primary support will be sitting as senators after 1 July next year. In Western Australia, for example, the Australian Sports Party could gain a place with just 0.22 per cent of first preferences – as could the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party in Victoria, with 0.52 per cent. The Senate is too important to become a playground for recreational groups masquerading as political parties. System reform, including change to electoral procedures, is urgently needed…

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Photo: Dirk HR Spennemann

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