Jessica Woodall

Research report

23 Nov 2016


Across the world, there are conflicting ideas about how to manage the dynamic environment of cyberspace. States have the liberty of implementing legislation for the domestic regulation of cyberspace, but disagreements arise over national visions for the management of cyberspace internationally. Many...

Research report

27 Sep 2016

The 2016 Cyber Maturity report is the culmination of 12 months’ research by the ASPI International Cyber Policy Centre. The report assesses the approach of 23 regional countries to the challenges and opportunities that cyberspace presents, in terms of their governance structure, legislation, law enforcement,...

Research report

7 Jun 2016


The defence of Australia's interests is a core business of federal governments. Regardless of who wins the election on July 2, the incoming government will have to grapple with a wide range of security issues. This report provides a range of perspectives...

Research report

26 Oct 2015

Provides a depth of information and analysis that builds a deeper understanding of regional countries’ whole of nation approach to cyber policy, crime, and security issues, and identifies potential opportunities for engagement.

Summary The second edition of the International Cyber Policy Centre’s annual...

Research report

13 Apr 2015

This report aims to give insight into the wealth of cyber perspectives across the Asia–Pacific and amplify the regional voice on the key themes and questions of the Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015 in April 2015.


The Asia-Pacific region incorporates some...

Briefing paper

14 Oct 2013

This briefing is ASPI’s distillation of the thoughts of a group of prominent members of the Australian cybersecurity community. We held a workshop in Canberra on the key panel sessions that will take place at the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace, South Korea, in October 2013....

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