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Creating space for democracy

18 Oct 2013

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Date: 18 October 2013
Author: Marian Sawer
Publisher: Australian Review of Public Affairs (ARPA)
Owning Institution(s): The University of Sydney

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Title: Meeting Democracy: Power and Deliberation in Global Justice Movements
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date Published: 2013
Author/s: Donatella della Porta (ed) Dieter Rucht (ed)

Additional Books: 
Title: NGOs, Civil Society, and the Public Sphere
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author/s: Sabine Lang
Date Published: 2013

Deliberative democrats sometimes assume that existing political organisations, including NGOs or social movement organisations, are too bound up with pre-given interests or ideological frames to provide a public sphere where such deliberation can occur. They favour new mechanisms, ranging from deliberative polls to citizens’ juries, consensus conferences or citizens’ assemblies, to achieve the quality of deliberation that should be central to democracy. But is it true that existing organisations make poor homes for deliberative democracy?

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