Nathan Church

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17 January 2017

This research paper investigates the historical context in which the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) was initially established, the reasons for its establishment,and its current processes for...

27 October 2016

This paper provides a narrative history of the major political parties’ attitudes to conscription during the First World War.

9 September 2016

This paper chronicles Commonwealth Members of Parliament (MPs) who are identified as having engaged in active service in the Australian Defence Forces during the Second World War, based on the...

20 August 2015

This paper provides a summary of each of Australia’s defence white papers issued between 1976 and 2013 and seeks to draw out common themes that emerge in some or all of them.

Briefing paper
9 July 2015

This research paper provides some background to the history of the defence relationship with northern Australia, an overview of key reports regarding the ADF’s presence in northern Australia and...

19 September 2014

This paper chronicles the 125 Commonwealth Members of Parliament identified as having served during the Colonial wars and/or the First World War.

11 August 2014

Provides an overview of the Australian naval shipbuilding industry since the 2013 federal election, looking at the current status of naval shipbuilding, the positions of Australian political...

8 May 2014

Through the Australian Defence Force Gap Year program and the preceding Ready Reserve scheme, Australian school-leavers have had the opportunity to experience full-time military training without...

6 November 2013

This research paper addresses some of the key military, political, and diplomatic aspects of Australia’s drawdown in Afghanistan, and provides some early indications as to what the post-2014...